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Bangladesh Hajj Management Portal



The system has been made into a platform for all stakeholders related to Hajj to provide and update relevant information from their respective points of authority. All incoming information collates in the central database and enables Bangladesh Hajj office/missions and other stakeholders operate efficiently, disseminate up-to-date information via website, and ensure citizens of speedy service delivery.


This is a dynamic website and it is most helpful during the proceedings of Hajj every year. Here the Bangladesh Hajj offices of Dhaka, KSA and Ministry provide the frequent information of pilgrim on moallem/guide information, Agent information, visa information, flight information, house allocation, pilgrim movement in KSA, death information etc. The Hajj Agency also contributed the pilgrim information in this website. So, the whole ballotee and non-ballotee pilgrim of Bangladesh comes in this common web site. This site helps Immigration Police with pilgrim’s information for immigration process. Its experience of operation during Hajj 2009 makes it a unique website in Bangladesh. During the Hajj operation Dhaka IT Help Desk with the help of others help desks in KSA kept on constantly updating the web content with latest information regarding pilgrims. This project has been acknowledged as one of the Best IT usage in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) in February 2010.


This site contains the information in bi-language i.e. both in Bangla and English which is convenient for all segment of users. Hajj Policy, Rules, Hajj Package, Online submission Forms for Ballotee and Non-Ballotee pilgrim’s are available in the native language of Bangladesh. Besides, the Agency list for the Non-Ballotee pilgrim’s is available in English.


The main objective of this site is smoother operation and reduction of time in paper processing and also supplement other government agencies in managing their works & providing better services to the pilgrims. Detail information on government rules, hajj ritual, health tips and local information of KSA, are provided in detail through text and graphics. The website also contained day to day pictorial (picture & video) information on occurrence in KSA i.e. in Jeddah, Makka, Madina, Mina and Arafat. All the information was often required by the Bangladesh Hajj Office for various reasons and supplied to them as and when required. This is why it draws huge traffic in website during hajj period.


The pilgrims and the relatives of the respective pilgrims from the world visits the site to get the information of visa, moallem & group/unit information, accommodation plan and movement in KSA, flight schedule of departure and arrival from both side Dhaka and Jeddah. Besides, they enable to send and receive message of their pilgrim through this portal.